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"Frida Kahlo, a Surreal Biography" by Marco Corona

published in 1998 by STAMPA ALTERNATIVA, collana ERETICA, ISBN-88-7226-447-2 (stampa.alternativa@agora.stm.it)

Marco Corona is a freelance illustrator and cartoonist (m.corona@libero.it)

In this comics biography (available in Italian and French for the time being) he illustrates the most important events of Frida's life:

 Frida comics   Marco Corona Macro Corona Frida

Chapter 1: Birth, Love and Revolution

Chapter 2: Painting Pain

Chapter 3: My husband

Chapter 4: Skulls

Chapter 5: A few stabs

Chapter 6: Am I... Surreal?

Chapter 7: The Two Fridas

Chapter 8: Self-portrait with cropped air

Chapter 9: The 40'S

Chapter 10: Good Night