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"Frida Kahlo Forever Yours..." at the Throckmorton New York Art Gallery NYC, US

02 May 2024 | 07 September 2024

The intensity of Frida is captured in this important exhibition of photographs of Frida. Many of the photographs shown were taken by Frida’s friends and lovers; other images are from celebrated photographers.

This exhibit at Throckmorton Fine Art is fascinating: it is the creation of a visual biography using photographs of her by those who she trusted. The earliest photographs of Frida were taken by her father, Guillermo Kahlo, who fondly called her Friducha. Later photographs were taken by friends, lovers, artists, and some of the most renown photographers in the history of world photography. Frida understood these photographs were creating not only a personal record of her life, but also documenting the art community in Mexico in which she played a pivotal role. Her understanding of the power of photography was certainly heightened by her father being a well-known photographer in Mexico City. Indeed, she assisted him by retouching images in his studio. Frida curated her copies of photographs taken of her, building a collection that documents important chapters in her life.

Spencer Throckmorton, the principal of Throckmorton Fine Art, has spent the better part of forty-five years building a complementary collection of photographs of Frida. Spencer has spent time in Mexico City, beginning decades ago, looking widely for photographs of Frida, with some found in the most unlikely of places, from flea markets to used bookstores to dealers in photographs and graphic art.

Spencer has also availed himself of the auction houses. He slowly, but steadily, built what must be the finest and most complete private collection of photographs of Frida.   The photographs of Frida in the exhibit document her life from two years of age to just before her death at the age of forty-seven. There are photographs of Frida taken by family members, friends, and lovers, ranging from Guillermo Kahlo to Rosa Covarrubias. There are also photographs of her taken by celebrated photographers, who often went to great lengths to photograph Frida. The roster of these well-known photographers includes: Fritz Henle, Lucienne Bloch, Bernard Silberstein, Leo Matiz, Nickolas Murray, Gisele Freund, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Lola Álvarez Bravo, Leon de Vos and Edward Weston. 

Taken from the press-release available in the Museum website below.

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