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“FRIDA KAHLO, Una vita per immagini” at the Civic Museum of Sansepolcro, Arezzo, Italy

16 May 2021 | 09 January 2022

“Frida Kahlo. A life in images ”is the title of the exhibition which will be open to the public at the Sansepolcro Civic Museum from May 16th to October 13th 2021.

Through a hundred shots, for the most part original, the exhibition reconstructs the events of the life of the great Mexican artist, in search of the reasons that have transformed her into a female and pop icon at international level.  

The exhibited photos were taken by his father Guillermo during her daughter's childhood and youth, then by some of the greatest photographers of her time: Leo Matiz, Imogen Cunninghan, Edward Weston, Lucienne Bloch, Bernard Silbertein, Manuel and Lola Alvarez Bravo, Nickolas Muray and others.

Also a group of small, very intimate photographs of Frida, taken in Polaroid format by the gallery owner Julien Levy is on display.

The exhibition itinerary illustrates the context in which Frida built her personality: the Mexico of the early twentieth century, crossed by a revolution that changed its history, thanks to humble campesinos and heroic protagonists like Pancho Villa and Emiliano Zapata.

Frida is often portrayed with Diego Rivera, the painter and muralist with whom she shared an intense and turbulent relationship through most of her life. But other characters like Leon Trotsky and André Breton also appear.

Finally, rare documents are on display, such as the original catalog of Frida's exhibition organized by André Breton in Paris, the first "revolutionary painting manifesto" signed by Breton and Rivera, a photographic documentation of his famous Casa Azul and a large painting made by Chinese painter Xu De Qi that reproduces Las Dos Frida.

The exhibition ends with a video collecting the few filmed images of the great Mexican artist.

The catalog, edited by Vincenzo Sanfo, is published by Papiro Art.

The reception services in the museum and on display are managed by Opera Laboratori Fiorentini.

More info at the link below (in Italian).