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A large painting by Frida Kahlo reappears after more than 50 years

17 June 2020

Kahlo's "The Wounded Table" is considered one of the greatest expressions of Surrealism, but it disappeared in 1955 in Warsaw after beeing rejected by the Soviet Union for beeing "bourgeois, formalist and decadent".

Now a Galician art dealer from the Rianxo municipality has put it up for sale according to the interest of its owner, a Mexican settled in Europe, whose name has not been revealed.

Cristian López Márquez, owner of  the company The Billion Art, dedicated to the sale and purchase of works of art, claims that, for the six and a half decades without knowing anything of this masterpiece, it passed through two important private collections before reaching the hands of the current property. 

"López explains that in 1956, two years after the death of the painter, her husband, Diego Rivera, wanted to have the painting back with the support of his friend Ignacio Márquez Rodiles, who was finally "one of those responsible for the disappearance, in addition to being one of the managers of the picture between Mexico and the Soviet Union". The work lost track in Warsaw, but never reached its destination, nor did it return to its origin." (taken from La Voz de Galizia"

The work, analyzed by experts, is estimated to be the original and to be worth between 40 and 50 million Euros.

Read here the complete article by La Voz de Galicia with an interview to Cristina Lopez Marquez.