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Frida Kahlo by the street artist Jorit in Italy

23 May 2021

The street artist Jorit Agoch returns to represent an intense female face, where the signs of the “Human Tribe” seem almost scars of life. Red signs that the artist internalized during a trip to Tanzania related to the magical and initiatory rituals of scarification of the local tribes.

"My favorite female artist, beautiful revolutionary in being unique! She has fallen a thousand times and she has always stood up. For me, Frida embodies the all-round artist who combines her pictorial research with an intense life experience and a social message. In Frida, art, life and revolution are one and the same and form that unrepeatable story that has become a symbol and then a myth. If Frida is an icon today, it is because she has overcome the barrier that wanted women in the world of art to be overshadowed, relegated to a lesser rank. Frida woman, but even more artist, is among the most important artists of all time and among my five favorites ever."

 The work was realized between 16 and 20 May, on an area of ​​three meters by two installed in the Piazza delle Palme of the Reggia Designer Outlet, Marcianise, Italy, in front of the public who could witness the creation of the work and interact with the artist.

The Frida by Jorit will remain visible at the Reggia Designer Outlet until November 2021 when it will be donated to a non-profit organization active in the territory.

The proceeds from the sale will go entirely to Doctors Without Borders. The artist himself declared his intention to subtract a thousand euros from his remuneration to donate it, regardless of whether the work will be sold or not, inviting those interested to write to his address info@jorit.it

Jorit Agoch is a Graffiti artist from Italy. He’s done many international exhibitions including London, Berlin, Sidney, Dar Es Salam, Tilburg.

Other info and Jorit's works images at the link below.