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“Frida, la experiencia inmersiva” in Mexico City

11 July 2021

I believe that the value of a piece of art takes on another meaning and another dimension when you know where it comes from,” Kahlo’s great-grandniece, Frisa Hentschel, told EFE.

So of course, we know these obstacles that Frida has survived and that part of her history that is very famous, but there is a familiar part that we know, that not everyone knows and that gives another dimension to all her work, to all her history.

On the painter’s 114th birth anniversary, the exhibition at the Frontón México seeks to disseminate the “true” life story of Frida.

What we want is … to make known, not the Frida who suffered, but the one we know and the one we love,” said Mara de Anda, another great-grandniece.

“Me and My Parrots” and “The Broken Column” are some of the 26 works by Kahlo (1907-1954) that come to life through more than 90 projectors and more than 50 speakers that complement the images with compositions of original music made by women interpreters of regional and traditional Mexican music.

The main room is where visitors enter the world of her paintings, how she is at her core, representing Frida’s heart, where her feelings are born.

Likewise, there is an interactive art room where attendees can paint and draw digitally, and a game room where attendees can choose characters from Frida’s work that they feel represent them.

"It is a different way of seeing art, of feeling it. You can capture many details, small details that perhaps in a work as such can go unnoticed. It incorporates her music and you become aware of all the feelings involved,” said Mara Romeo Kahlo, her great niece.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday for the next few weeks.

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