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Stunning "Frida’s Dreams (Los Sueños de Frida)" by Artika published in June

27 July 2021

ARTIKA's new work reveals the most intimate Frida Kahlo. New Frida Kahlo's drawings have allowed, in an unprecedented way, to peer into the most universal artist. These creations have remained anonymous, since they were not designed to be shown to the public, but Frida expressed in them her world without concealment or beautiful appearances.

"ARTIKA is Grupo Planeta’s publishing house that specializes in artist's books: limited editions created in conjunction with great international artists and produced using painstaking artisan processes.

It took four years to complete Frida’s Dreams, ARTIKA’S take on Kahlo’s mythical character. The work is displayed in a handcrafted case inspired by Friday’s work. It includes a Study Book featuring close to one hundred drawings, countless paintings, photographs, and connoisseur texts, as well as a 34-sheet Art Book with the most prominent drawings of the world-renowned artist.

Frida’s Dreams is limited to 2998 copies worldwide and showcases a unique creation emulating the artist’s own materials, tonal values, and aesthetics, which practically turns this artists’ book into a work of art in itself.

In a unique piece that longs to convey the aesthetic and biographical universe of Frida Kahlo, Frida’s Dreams’ outer case provides us with the first glance of this stunning project by ARTIKA. A striking opener, the outer shell displays Kahlo’s oil Self-portrait with thorned necklace and hummingbird, 1940 (detail), handcrafted and bound in canvas in keeping with the picturesque character of the original and the materials that permeated the artist’s daily life. The wooden case is an original design inspired by the vegetation that is so indicative of Frida’s works and environment. This wooden, outermost piece also emulates the distinctive leaves in her work and natural surroundings. This vegetation, such as the chamaedorea elegans, or Mexican parlor palm, provided a protective symbology to the artist, and was part of the garden in the Casa Azul (the Blue House), the Coyoacán residence where Kahlo lived and produced many of her works during a large part of her life."

Read the complete Artika's press release at this link.

A detailed description of the book complete with images and a video is available in the Artika landing page at the link below, where it is also possible to reserve a copy.

See also an interesting Forbes article by Natasha Gural.