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"Frida Kahlo: Timeless" exhibition extended through Sept. 12th

18 August 2021

"Frida Kahlo: Timeless" exhibition at the Cleve Carney Museum of Art has been extended an additional week to Sept. 12. In two months the largest Frida Kahlo exhibition in Chicago from over the past 40 years has attracted nearly 75,000 visitors from 50 states and 12 countries.

Alongside the 26 original pieces on loan from the Museo Dolores Olmedo featuring 19 oil paintings, representing over one-tenth of the total number of Kahlo paintings in existence, the immersive exhibition  features a multimedia timeline with replicas of notable objects from Kahlo's life, over 100 photographic images, a Frida Kahlo-inspired garden, a children's area and more.

Take a Look at the YouTube video below where Justin Witte, curator of the museum, provides a historical background on Frida Kahlo and her work. 

Other info at this link.