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Frida Kahlo, the documentary film by Ali Ray, in Italia's cinemas from 22 to 24 Nov.

23 November 2021

Who was really Frida Kahlo?It is not possible to answer this question. The personality of this woman was so contradictory and multiple that it can be said that there were many different Fridas. And perhaps none of them was what she wanted to be”. So says her first love Alejandro Gomez Aria and so, only towards the end, does the thoughtful documentary directed by Ali Ray entitled, simply, "Frida Kahlo".

The music, which is perfectly in tune with Mexican time and traditions, the readings from her personal diaries, the exploration of the paintings' textures, but also the location - which takes us directly to the famous Casa Azul (Blue House) in Coyoacán, a suburb of Mexico City, where Frida was born and grew up - and the (sometimes unexpected) hypotheses of the experts, make "Frida Kahlo" a documentary worth watching in order to understand, above all, what lies behind Frida's phenomenology.

Why is she an icon of feminism? Why was she ahead of her time? Why does she continue to be successful despite not being classifiable in any genre? Why do so many love her even though they do not fully appreciate her works?

In about an hour and a half, Ray attempts to answer these questions, tracing on film a definite vision of the artist (from her family origins to her accident to her marriage to Diego Rivera, from her physical dilemmas to her professional satisfactions), in a film that does not attempt to lure the viewer, but rather to guide them to an informed understanding of what is in effect one of the most beloved artists, an authentic icon of feminism, resilience and genius.

(taken for cinematographe.it)

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