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"Frida Kahlo. Il Caos dentro" opens tomorrow in Turin, Italy

30 September 2022

A journey to discover Frida's universe, represented by her works, but also by documents, objects, photographs, loves and passions. Curated by Vincenzo Sanfo, Maria Rosso, Antonio Toribio Arévalo Villalba, Milagros Ancheita, Alejandra Matiz, and Sergio Uribe, the exhibition presents for the first time an innovative multimedia area in 4 sections:

  • The Broken Column, with a 3D installation;
  • The Endless Journey, with still lifes and portraits;
  • Querido doctorcito, a full-scale holographic projection of Frida;
  • Private Frida, portrayed by renowned art dealer Julien Lévy, who met Frida in New York and became her lover.

The exhibit shows reproductions of paintings held mainly in museums in Mexico City and New York, but also an original work by Frida: the delicate self-portrait Piden Aeroplanos y les dan Alas de Petate.

The photographic section includes shots by Colombian photographer Leo Matiz, Frida's close friend, but also those of Nickolas Muray, Carl Van Vechten, photographers Lucienne Bloch, Imogen Cunningham and Lola Álvarez Bravo, whose image of Frida Kahlo on her deathbed is observed.

Along the way are faithful, full-scale reconstructions of the rooms of Casa Azul in Mexico City, where the painter lived until her death in 1954 at age 47; six original lithographs by Diego Rivera; large-scale reproductions of Mexican revolutionary murals; and reproductions of clothing and jewelry.

Also on display are autographed letters, diary pages, terracottas of the Mayan culture dear to the artist and her husband Diego, and a section devoted to Frida's immortal fame, evidenced by 41 philatelic stamps from around the world.

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