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  • A new book dedicated to Frida Kahlo is released in Italy on June 1st, 2024

A new book dedicated to Frida Kahlo is released in Italy on June 1st, 2024

27 May 2024

In her book "In Mexico with Frida Kahlo. Self-portrait as geography" ("In Messico con Frida Kahlo. L’autoritratto come geografia") Paola Zoppi imagines an essential cartography in which houses, cities and streets, in which the Mexican artist's life took shape, converge; and an astral map outlining Frida's profile at the moment of her coming into the world and before the world itself entered her.

However, a story cannot just be the chronological unfolding of facts and cannot be limited to what we already know. Frida must be sought in the parts of her body that, once fractured, became the genesis and space of her art; in the words that became a place of passion: disintegration, birth, double. In the material culture that feeds on her face, the same one that the artist obsessively drew first.

Paola Zoppi is an Italian journalist and cultural consultant. An author and radio presenter, for years she has been involved in the organisation of cultural events such as festivals and exhibitions for which she is the curator and presenter. She is a performer: at the centre of her shows are stories, places and words. She holds seminars on female expression in the artistic world and collaborates with cultural newspapers and blogs.

More info about Paola Zoppi at the link below (website in Italian).