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  • Frida Kahlo among the women artist portraits by Elisabetta Zangrandi at Keyes Gallery in NY

Frida Kahlo among the women artist portraits by Elisabetta Zangrandi at Keyes Gallery in NY

30 May 2024

30-05-2024 The solo show "Musée Imaginaire", curated by Alison M. Gingeras, runs from May 11 to June 26 and focuses on Zangrandi's figurative reinterpretation of the artists who influenced her.

From 20th-century iconoclasts like Alice Neel and Frida Kahlo to the German monastic Guda of the Weissfauen Convent in the 12th century, who produced the first signed self-portrait by a woman in Western Europe. Zangrandi's acrylic portraits, which span fifteen canvases and are based on original paintings, are re-staged in her own whimsical style. She started working on them at Gingeras's suggestion after the two started a conversation via Instagram direct messages. Through the establishment of her own musée imaginaire, which translates to "imaginary museum," Zangrandi honors her forebears and asserts her place in the same historical lineage while also fostering a dialogue between various generations of women artists.

Zangrandi is an artist who studied nothing but himself. Although she has always enjoyed painting, she has never attended a formal art school. As a child, she would practice painting on any surface she could find, most frequently rocks. She did this every day. Maybe this explains why the natural world still has such a strong influence on her current work. Even in these timeless portraits, Zangrandi "always incorporates some animal or fantastical creature," according to Gingeras.

Gingeras observed, "She can approach a very sophisticated subject, like repainting a historical painting, and still somehow really capture the essence of these old paintings". "Yet, she doesn’t betray her unique style. She really makes it her own. She almost becomes all of the subjects, which I think is so fantastic."

The exhibition remains on view at Keyes Gallery, 45 Main Street, Sag Harbor, through June 26.

Info and press release at the link below.

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