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Frida Kahlo in "Storie dell’arte", a new Italian podcast edited by Valentina Tosoni

04 June 2024

"Storie dell'arte" (Art histories) podcast tells (in Italian) the story of great artists in an unedited version. The series includes five episodes whith anecdotes and curiosities of some of the greatest protagonists of art whose relationship with food, fashion and music is revealed. Original lenses, therefore, to also delve into the social and cultural changes of the various eras.

Each episode is enriched by valuable contributions from numerous guests, including art historians, critics, columnists, radio presenters, musicians and songwriters, who engage in unedited readings and curious stories about their connections with the artists.

"There are millions of little-known stories, hidden in the folds of the great history of art, I went looking for them and with the help of scholars, artists, singers, stylists, I travelled along unusual paths to build new portraits of the greatest masters of the 20th century,’ says Valentina Tosoni. Picasso's favourite dish will forever remain the Butifarra with beans, eating it felt like sinking his teeth into reality. Frida Kahlo at times in her life decided to alternate traditional Mexican clothes with men's clothes, anticipating Armani and realising that she could use them not only as a weapon of seduction. Andy Warhol, from the 1960s, started to wear wigs all the time, they were handmade from human hair imported from Italy and became an inseparable part of his personality. In each episode, with the help of guests, the podcast recounts the artistic greatness of some masters, analyses the language they chose to express it, and delves into the secrets of their lives, because it is the details that make the difference and behind the most mysterious one, originality is hidden."

The second episode ‘Shopping with Frida’ (Saturday 8 June) is dedicated to Frida Kahlo: a fresh tale that seeks to update the figure of the great Mexican artist and focuses on the modernity she has always expressed. Rich in anecdotes and curiosities, it lives on the thread of popularisation, with a direct language that is warped with value. Talking about Frida Kahlo: Daria Bignardi, Maria Grazia Chiuri, Francesca Alfano Miglietti and Brunori Sas.

Journalist, writer, radio speaker and presenter Daria Bignardi reads sentences from Frida's diary.
Maria Grazia Chiuri, Creative Director of the maison Dior since 2016, who dedicated the Dior Cruise collection 2024 to her with the fashion show in Mexico City in the San Ildefonso boarding school, where Frida studied and met the love of her life Diego Rivera, recalls why she wanted to set it there: ‘It was important for me to go back to where Frida felt the opportunity to become an artist and certainly this happened when she met Diego Rivera. That place is a magical place, there's a beautiful fresco of Rivera, and even though the show lasts only a few minutes, I wanted to celebrate all his work, how much he influenced me and linked me in my growth as a photographer to the discovery of Mexico, a magical and surrealist country with a great school of photography. I wanted to connect with her story, because it is a story that starts from her, all female artists start from their bodies, and how by wearing traditional clothes from her country, she made a precise identity choice, even a political one.
I think this is difficult to explain through fashion alone, but fashion is actually a territory that touches on many aspects, many disciplines, and I think Frida expressed them best’. Art historian Francesca Alfano Miglietti, defined as a ‘theorist of mutations linked to visual languages’, illustrates the various phases of Frida's artistic work.
Brunori Sas wrote the beautiful love song ‘Diego e io’ dedicated to the brilliant couple Frida and Diego and dwells on the birth of the song: ‘I wrote “Diego e io” inspired by a letter by Frida Kahlo from September “39, never sent, in which she talks about an absence and reminded me of ”Your absence is a chair’ by Piero Ciampi. I wrote the first and second verses on the spur of the moment, then I had the doubt of writing a piece about a character who was very fashionable at the time, had become incredibly pop, and so I too had been fascinated by her for the same reason. So, perhaps in search of an authorisation for my ever-critical conscience, I involved De Martino, who had recently been to Mexico, had visited the places where Frida had lived, and managed to bring a kind of magic realism into the writing, as well as rendering Frida Kahlo's pictorial sense’.

Podcast link: https://open.spotify.com/show/6lDWZfwWF7OAMGJHbzJ9AU

Saturday 1 June Cooking with Picasso
Saturday 8 June Shopping with Frida
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