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"The Colours of Frida Kahlo" by Martha Lian Suarez at the 3rd International Biennal of Mantova, IT

06 June 2024

The third International Biennial of Mantova ArtExpo 2024, organised by the Effetto Arte Foundation, was inaugurated last 26 May. The international exhibition event dedicated to the celebration of contemporary art in all its expressions was also attended by the multifaceted artist Martha Lian Suarez, an Andrian by adoption, with her work of art ‘The Colours of Frida Kahlo’: it is a painting (60x80 cm) made in mixed media with oil on canvas, which highlights all the soul and colour of the rebirth of an artistic epiphany.

Martha Lian Suarez, like Fidra Kahlo, reveals herself as an interpreter of the culture of Latin America, demonstrating passion and love for this land, for travel, dreams, life, magic, the naϊf soul and prismatic creativity with a thousand faces.

‘As Albert Einstein said “Creativity is nothing more than an intelligence that enjoys itself”, and after all, this new work aims to convey smiles, colours that are intertwined with her experience, depth and femininity’, says artist Martha Lian Suarez. Indeed, the painting is considered a magical painting because it communicates the warmth of the shades of a dancing rainbow, immersed in the soul of the work.The triumph of colours announces the solemnity of a perennial spring that smells of memory.

The Biennial, whose event will end on 9 June at the ‘Francesco Gonzaga’ Diocesan Museum, boasts a particular editorial novelty: the artists exhibited at the Gonzaga Museum are included in the Annuario Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea Artisti ‘24, a publication edited by the ART NOW publishing house and distributed by Mondadori Store. The exhibition presents a wide selection of works ranging from painting to sculpture, from graphics to photography and video art, displayed in a historical and evocative location.

For more information, you can contact Fondazione Effetto Arte at effettoartefondazione@gmail.com or follow updates on the foundation's social channels.