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"Frida, The muse of life" by Eva Duda Dance Company, National Premiere in November in Vicenza, Italy

03 July 2024

Eva Duda is a multi-award-winning stage director and choreographer who has experience in a variety of performing arts disciplines. She produces large-scale opera and musical productions, concerts, films, music videos, and various experimental theater performances in addition to contemporary dance shows. Originally from Budapest, she has worked as an artist all over Europe, primarily in Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Poland. She has also taught at several domestic and international art universities.

The Eva Duda Dance Company rose to prominence as one of Hungary's most prestigious independent contemporary dance companies after the founder established her own collective in 2009.

Although Frida Kahlo, the well-known painter of the 20th century, was born in Mexico, most people associate her with her Hungarian ancestry. "Frida, The muse of life" , which builds on the rich expressiveness of the music and dance, employs powerful imagery to evoke the mood of exotic South America, magical realism, passionate relationships, an amazing culture, and some pivotal moments in Frida's life. Instead of narrating her life story, the show features a stand-alone dance piece that was inspired by her artistic creations and that is set in a vibrant, lively world that is unlike any other. Dancing is enhanced by magnificent sequences that are laced with circus elements and reveal the cavalcade, the positive energy that is emblematic of Mexican culture.

Budapest hosted the world premiere of our brand-new production, which is based on the remarkable life of Frida Kahlo, in December 2022.

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