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Frida-mania in Milan

05 January 2018

It is still a month before the opening of the great show that from February 1st the Mudec will dedicate to the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo - "Frida Kahlo: Beyond the Myth" - and in Milan the "Frida-mania" has already broken out. Many shop windows have quickly replaced sleds and Santa Clauses with skirts, earrings, shirts, cushions, plates, bags that reproduce the face of Frida or details of his works. From Christmas to Mexico in the blink of an eye, because Kahlo is a cult with a thriving business.

For the time being, the most elegant tribute comes from the Feltrinelli bookshop, which has set up the central shop window on Viale Pasubio with a small book, a biography of Frida, placed before an immense self-portrait of the painter. In the nearby High Tech shop, in Piazza XXV Aprile, there is a triumph of fabrics, cushions, bowls, boxes, glasses, going from the photographic reproduction of Frida's works to the generic evocation of Mexican indigenous and colonial folk art (i.e. the skulls reminiscent of the Dia de los muertos festival).

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