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Frida Kahlo exhibition criticised in Hungary for 'promoting communism'

09 August 2018

Sixty-four years after her death, the personal life and politics of Frida Kahlo have come under scrutiny in Hungary.

A right-wing pro-government newspaper has criticised the hugely popular exhibition of her work "Frida Kahlo: Masterpieces from the Museo Dolores Olmedo, Mexico City"  at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest for "promoting communism".

The criticism comes as part of a wider national debate on culture and cultural policy since nationalist Prime Minister Viktor Orban won a third consecutive mandate in April.

Mr Orban's supporters and pro-government journalists have argued in the past weeks that after Orban won another strong mandate, it was now time for a shift in culture towards conservative values to end what they call a dominance of leftist-liberal artists.

In a July 14 article entitled "This is the way communism is promoted using state money", the Kahlo exhibition was listed in the right-wing newspaper Magyar Idok along with some other galleries, artists and exhibitions.

Read the complete article from The Telegraph at the link below