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  • The play "Frida – Stroke of Passion" had its opening night in Los Angeles on Feb. 8th

The play "Frida – Stroke of Passion" had its opening night in Los Angeles on Feb. 8th

16 February 2019

This play, written and starred by Odalys Nanin - Director of Macha Theatre, explores the mental, emotional and physical condition during the last week of Frida Kahlo's life. Exposing her love affairs with famous Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, dancer Josephine Baker, Mexican diva Maria Felix, Leon Trotsky, a Cuban spy and her complex passionate love for Diego Rivera. It would peel away the secret cover up and reveal what or who killed Frida Kahlo.

The show is now playing through February 23rd at Macha Theatre, Casa 0101, 2102E. 1st Street, Los Angeles 90033.

"Nanin embodies the spirit of Frida in a nuanced performance and transformational portrayal. Sandra Valls stands out as famous Mexican singer Chavela Vargas, and one of Frida’s lovers.
As Frida’s life comes to an end so does the play with an unforgettable wake and procession that will stay with you long after the play has ended. Chavela is there to honor Frida with accented her beautifully haunting song as the cast of characters in Frida’s live all pay tribute to an icon in the art world, who inspired a nation by representing their culture, while bold examining the issues of identity, postcolonialism, gender, class, and race in Mexican society.
The small procession of Frida’s funeral attended by all her loves, beginning with her “Toad Face” Diego Rivera (Oscar Basulto). Also joining in are Frida’s other lovers Tina Modotti (Mantha Balourdou); Josephine Baker (Ebony Perry); Maria Felix (Marjorie Burgos); Cuban Teresa Proenza (Kesia Elwin); and her Nurse Judith (Tricia Cruz)." (taken from Latinheat Entertainment)