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Frida Kahlo Corporation sued by a California-Based Artist

04 February 2020

Cris Melo, a California-based artist, is taking the Frida Kahlo Corporation to court because she is tired of being harassed. The Frida Kahlo Corporation (FKC) has been targeting her, and other indie artists, issuing legal notices for them to take down their Frida products. 

Among Melo’s claims is that her  artwork does not infringe on FKC’s copyright trademark. It will be interesting to see how the federal court rules on this matter because it won’t just affect Melo, but other independent artists that use celebrity images in their artworks....But what makes this case a bit more interesting is that FKC already has legal matters with the Frida Kahlo estate over the same problem. ...

What seems to be the heart of the issue is how many Frida products will FKC agree too? Would Frida approve of her face being plastered over random products? Mexico courts sided with the family, but that doesn’t mean the battle over Frida’s image is over. ...

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