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Online lecture "Frida Kahlo: Her Paintings and Her Jewelry" scheduled on April 20th

16 April 2020

The Women's Jewelry Association New York Metro Chapter will feature a Zoom webinar, with ASJRA Co-Director, Elyse Zorn Karlin on April 20th.

Topic: The Art and Jewelry of Frida Khalo

In recent years, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s artwork, as well as her clothing and jewelry, have become the subject of several museum exhibitions. This lecture will discuss her art and her jewelry, explaining how they are intricately related.

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“Frida Kahlo was torn between her European side and her Mexican side,” states Karlin. “She was torn about her sexuality — she painted her distinctive unibrow and slight mustache like badges of honor, emphasizing the male-female dichotomy. Although Kahlo wore traditional Mexican clothes such as the rebozo — a shawl — and the tehuana, a dress with a hood covered in lace, she was also very Bohemian. She went back and forth between being a folk artist and an intellectual.”

"In many ways, jewelry is a window into who Kahlo was, Karlin says. “It’s a visible focus; you see it in photographs and her paintings. I started noticing, looking at her paintings, that she wore two distinct kinds of pieces: pre-Columbian beads and carved pieces indigenous to Mexico, and more delicate antique Spanish-Portuguese style jewelry, such as long, dangling earrings.”

Taken from the Jewelry Connoisseur website, click the link below for the complete article about the lecture