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Yuri Smekalov back on Frida Kahlo with his ballet-quest

04 May 2020

A new version of the Ballet "Infinita Frida" will come out from this two phases project.

The first phase will be dedicated to rehearsals: until the the 10th of May the dancers will be connected from their apartments and spectators will be able to observe the rehearsals of the ballet in Instagram, asking questions, sharing ideas and suggestions.

The Second phase will be held in mid-may. The organizers have not disclosed the format, but the genre is referred to as ballet-quest: to see the next scene, the viewer must answer a question about the life and work of Frida Kahlo. The kind of performance the viewer will see will depend from his reply.

"This show does not transfer to the stage the life of Frida Kahlo. But it is inspired by her courage, energy and will to life and work, – said Yuri Smekalov. – The main character of our show – girl Lisa is a passionate creative artist, Frida – its a landmark in the art world. And the event with which our heroine faces in the beginning of the play, serving as a bridge that unites her fate and the fate of Kahlo. The new version of the ballet Infinita Frida we will ask the audience questions, the answers to which will depend on what episode he will see next and how Lisa’s story in the end will be similar to the story of Frida."

Follow this link for the names of the dancers and other details of the project.