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"Frida Kahlo. Il caos dentro" Rome meets Frida

12 October 2019 | 29 March 2020

This "sensory exhibition" presents a vision of the life and loves of Frida Kahlo through her vibrant letters, her candid photographs and the works seen through technology in an immersive perspective .

"Frida Kahlo. Il caos dentro" tells the story of a unique artist, walking through the places of her life: her home in Mexico City, her bedroom, her studio, the garden of Casa Azul. In the journey the viewer acquires a deeper understanding of Frida's relationships with her husband, the artist Diego Rivera and through the shots of photographer Leo Matiz, it reads an intimate and personal story of the woman icon of contemporary art.

The viewer can follow thematic paths to fully immerse himself in the world of Frida and focus on areas dedicated to individual works. It is a new way to know the Mexican artist thanks to original contents regarding several themes, from Frida's relationship with the body, to her relationship with politics, to the value of a painting that goes far beyond the pop legend.

In addition to the artworks proposed in Modlight format, the Collection also presents hundreds of personal photographs, portraits, letters, diary pages, clothes and jewels inspired by the artist, for a 360-degree journey into the universe of Frida...

Set Spazio Eventi - Via Tirso 16 - Rome - Italy

info: 388/8507930