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"Kahlo without borders" at the MSU Broad Art Museum, East Lansing MI, US

15 January 2022 | 07 August 2022

The exhibition - with a primary focus on Frida's health - seeks to connect museum visitors to the intimate and creative world of Frida particularly towards the end of her life, when she was a patient at the Medical Center ABC in Mexico City.

It is an emotional journey through images, documents, and family and clinical archives. These files bear witness to her health challenges encouraging the visitor to imagine how, from a hospital bed and through the power of creativity and self-expression, she transformed the history of art of the 20th century.
The lead exhibition was curated by artist Cristina Kahlo — her grandniece — Javier Roque Vázquez Juárez, and MSU Broad Art Museum executive director Mónica Ramírez-Montagut.

“My involvement with Cristina and the show was to make sure we are materializing her vision, and the idea that the exhibition should be perceived as a journey through a family album of memories: an intimate, personal look into an intimate and vulnerable moment of someone’s life,” Ramírez-Montagut said. “Thus the tone is somber and respectful, humbling in some way.”
“In this utterly overwhelming situation, she found self-expression to existentially cope and self-expression also as a vehicle for communicating her story with such emotional accuracy that universally still resonates today. I found the exhibition to be both very moving and truly inspiring,” Ramírez-Montagut said.

The exhibition reveals Frida Kahlo’s vulnerable, everyday reality by honing in on health challenges: 32 surgeries, a list of daily medicines, and stories of chronic pain from her final days at ABC Hospital in Mexico City, Mexico.

“Those of us that have found ourselves in vulnerable situations plagued with uncertainty, will perhaps find in this exhibition inspiration in Frida’s resilience, in her appreciation and gratitude for her support system, and to also re-consider the arts and creativity as a humanizing tool for coping and vehicle for overcoming challenges,” Ramírez-Montagut said.

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